Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Blast 2009

It's the first time my birthday fell on a day in the middle of a term in college.
Incidentally it fell on a Sunday with the Saturday night having a party called the Badla Party (essentially a kinda fresher's night).
Amrit (Vatsap?) flew down from Bhubneshwar, on his way to his 'well' publicized Meghalaya trip.
And we have a vague culture here where you get dunked in cake and maggie and frooti and all the crap that your pals can find, and you are bumped till you go sore.

End result:
I had a blast! and partied into the night, and literally danced till I dropped :)

PS: Lemme also mention a happy birthday to Divya Anusha (21st July.. good friend from school)