Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I was busy trying to get some useful information out of the world wide web.
I was about to type 'definition of deferred tax' in the google search bar in my firefox and to my surprise by the time I typed 'definition' the following turned up as the google search:
(put down by the priority list given)

definition of terrorism
definition of internet
definition of globalization
definition of pollution
definition of computer

However disturbing it is to know that the most searched up definition is terrorism, it baffles me how does somebody who doesn't know what internet or a computer is, is able to type in and search through Google search engine!!!


  1. You take things negatively honey...

    They give it as assignments in school to teach children the evils of computers and terrorism... To find a future world tht Lennon n Ozzy talked abt (Yes OZZY does talk of peace in Crazy Train... and other songs...)
    But tht doesnt matter.. What matters is the Samosas that I eat now are actually very good... Its just tht i like them too much to not mention them...

  2. @puppet
    yeah right!!
    btw.. i dont eat samosa (how much more neg can i get :P )