Saturday, July 04, 2009

Strike Rate

Frustrated your blog aint getting any attention?
Write a random post criticizing a community that is highly popular (famour or infamous).
And voila! You'll have 200 comments with random people taking a dig at it, at each other.
And your hits increases exponentially!!!!

Anyway not exactly in those lines, but I came across a blog post which most of you would have seen earlier.
Lemme give it some more publicity that it already is desperate for :
It is basically a criticism of IITs.

So yeah it have some 357 comments or something; about the post, about mudslinging and even debating if the author is an IITian or not.

When I read the post I did not feel it necessary to either complete reading the post or to bother to comment.

 But what really surprised me was :

"this is so familiar :) . there's another "breed" BTW – the IIT-IIM combo! That just rips everything apart."

by a blogger who shares my name.

In fact I had tried contacting her once when I found her blog. And it did not blossom into friendship.
Irony of my BRAND is it?


  1. Oh dont take it too hard on yourself honey... And you thought it was only me who had an alter ego... Apparently there are other fairies now... Hmmmm... Competition... Nice... Jello?

  2. @puppet
    no dude.. i do not compete
    (but sometimes i eliminate :P )

  3. Appalled... Surrender...
    But try eliminating this smile honey... :-)