Friday, August 07, 2009


This should have come last weekend but I got caught up. But anyway here goes:

Aug 1st.
Exactly 4 years ago.
I was registered into the B.Tech program at IIT Madras to do my mechanical engineering. I was stepping out of my home. I was just a little scared, a little excited, a lot elated and much more confused 18 year old like everyone else was.

July 31st
Exactly 4 years after the above incident. I was awarded my degree. And by then I had moved into another institute as confused and as excited and as scared and not so elated. Pretty much nothing changed except I was no longer 18, I was 22.

And in the 4 years that passed i picked a lot of friends and a lot more memories. Some good, some bad, some just unforgettable (definitely not ugly).
Now, that all of us have moved on to different parts of the world, some working, some studying and some just loitering around somewhere. It would have been my last chance to meet some people or rather most until life with its many twists and turns brings you to a point of surprise and shock and all the many reactions you can think of. yeah convocation was the day.

Convocation was little about going up and collecting your degree.
Convocation was about meeting people for the last time in the near imaginable future.
Convocation was about all of us mech engineers sitting together and tripping for one last time.
Convocation was about our parents looking at us in pride and we wonering whatever for.
Convocation was about over-rating this idea of meeting up and generally chilling out.
Convocation was about wearing those funny gowns and still smiling.
Convocation was about throwing up your hat with the degree in your hand and jumping in unison.

And it was this that I missed.
My entire wing was present but me.
It was this that I had to forego in order to appear for my microeconomics midterm in my new insti.
Naah.... my new institute.
Insti shall always remain insti!!!


  1. Insti shall always remain insti!!
    I understand - UG is always the Best time in all the college life, of-course I never studied but remember for ever - cos of all the good stuff that we enjoyed!!
    check out mine here -

  2. :) I probably could never relate to this until now, when its time for my btech batch mates to pass out :) This will be the fourth convo i shall be witnessing and this time the number of familiar faces is more than ever . its a 2007 batch, my batch.