Saturday, August 15, 2009

Independence Day

Firstly, has been launched today. Have a look.

I missed the flag hoisting because I was caught in between waiting for my dad (who was visiting me) to turn up, breakfast and the distance to audi.
Then I did turn at audi since dad did turn up and we went to watch the culturals.

JBS BaroC put up an amazing performance today. (I wasn't part of the show today)
Yeh jo des hai tera - Swades
Vandemataram - a JBS adaptation
Dramatics Cell performed a play.
'Ali Never Dies' written by our Drams cell itself.
(I helped out my making a poster)
Choreo closed the show with flags waving.

Something worthwhile for dad to see while he is around here.


  1. Pretty inspiring video!

    But I'm still skeptical of its efficacy and more so, its perceived usefulness in the minds of the Indian public.

    However, there's nothing stopping us from believing. Like Siddharth says -- "Yeh desh badlega, hum badlenge"

  2. @psycho surd
    Well... that's the prob.. everyone is so sceptical.. if we weren't so we'd prolly have had a better place to be..

    btw.. nice blog you've got there