Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Cold Stormy Night

A storm was brewing. The wind was swaying me away. The rain was lashing against the upheld umbrella, so strong that I could not hear anything else. And I walked between to lakes that were brimming to overflow. The cry of the frogs was deafening. And the cold was chilling my spine. The darkness was overshadowing me. I was struggling to stay dry, at least my backpack. It contained my laptop.
I was on my way to stats terminal quiz 2.
Spooky it was man!


  1. i cud visualise !! :) :)
    n i love the picture!!!

  2. @yojitha
    thanks.. i also added pic for the effect :P

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  4. Anonymous8:36 am

    Does the laptop still work?

  5. @onion insights
    interesting.. shall look it up

    thank you

    yes of course :) my iCarbon backpack is water resistant :)