Sunday, December 13, 2009

Memories in Candle-Light

I hadn't been blogging lately.
Been long time it is. But when I read in the newspaper yesterday about the sentence of Manjunath Shanmughan's killer, I remembered that I have a blog post to write.

On 19th November 2009, 4 years after and IIMs still continue to commemorate his death. I forgot that he belonged to an IIM till I saw the notice on our notice board calling for a candle walk. I was not sure how many people would turn up. But I wanted to go and so I did.
I reached the starting point 5 mins ahead of time. I took along a friend of mine. All I could see was about 10 guys (a few of whom were standing for elections coming up pretty soon). And soon we began. And my the time we reached our audi where we ended our walk I was surprised we had picked up so many people on the way.

And there we stood in the dark, against the cold winds, protecting the candle flame. We were honoured that a student in the final year had known Manjunath personally. And we all stood there in silence.

SIlence is powerful!!!


  1. powerful indeed..!!! In the face of those who feel time heals. sometimes it doesnt.. rather never does it...

  2. @tyre
    probably true. But to build strength out of sorrow is the best way