Saturday, January 02, 2010


The most interesting part of the book "Life of Pi" was the fact that someone was thoughtful enough to make it pi as in 3.14!

It was a beautiful book. Nice and good. A good read. But while I read the book I got a lot of suggestions and comments about the book. The problem is they all gave me the same feedback - grrrrrrrrrreat ending!

It was a beautiful book. Nice and good. A good read. But it was not that great an ending. It was good. Not great. Sadly it spoiled the book for me!

But when I think again, it is a beautiful book. Nice and good. A good read.



  1. It's one of my favorite books! Sadly, many who have read the book on my suggestion were not as excited about it as I was. There is nothing great about the ending, I agree. Although my favorite part of the book is what Pi says about how partings must always be proper.

  2. @bardnbutiful
    Yeah it is a good book! And what happened to your old blog?

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  4. i'm planning to read it next. juz got it from tbh couple days back. btw, veronika decides to die have come out as a movie. did you see it?

  5. @jam
    Pi is good, i'm sure you'll like it :)
    heck! i didn't know abt veronica!!

  6. I got bored with blogspot. Thought a change to my blog may motivate me to keep posting.. so I imported everything to wordpress and killed my old one. re-incarnation :P

  7. veronika movie was good. but i'd say book is better than the film.