Saturday, January 30, 2010

Home, Hyd Home

Since I have shifted to Hyderabad, that's where I go when I have to go home.

I liked the house. It was big and nicely arranged. It felt a little weird that I was sitting in my room and I did not really feel very different. But that's probably because I did not really go home that often since go away to IIT M in the August of 2005.

But it felt good to be home. To eat good home food. I don't remember the last time I really thought about home food but yes, home has good food. :) Probably realized it on Kolkata.

So I went home. Didn't feel the city was any different. Didn't feel my home any different after my sister left.

Anyway I came back after a day after my sister left. I badly wanted to bring my mom's pickle but since I had no check-in baggage I could not bring in it.

But go home I sure did and came back in a jiffy.

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