Monday, January 04, 2010

Second Day of New Year

I had a picnic, like in school!

We had an event, 'Ulhaas', in City Center far far far from our campus. The participants had to make stalls with games and stuff which was essentially a disguised market research study. And the insti arranged for buses.

So I woke up late in the morning and caught the after lunch bus with all my wingies. We played DumbC through out and finally reached in a little more than an hour.

We checked out the event for a while, played a couple of games and went to check out the mall. We had gelato and other other ice cream. Then I we met up some old friends and went around the mall again. We stopped by at the food court for what else but food. Then we dropped by the video game arcade and played a random set of games from picking up teddy bears to bike racing, surrounded by 6 year olds :), then we went back to the event for some more time, ate some more in CCD and finally returned.

Me had flicked from a stall a tiny balloon.
The way back again in bus we tried to play DumbC as usual and my picnic ended.
I felt like I was in school :) :) :)


  1. Anonymous3:57 pm

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  2. @anon
    Thank you! But on the contrary I feel my older ones were better.

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  4. @anon
    err... I didn't get you... and by the way.. why are you anonymous ??

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