Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Journey worth watching

A young man, who resents being stuck to selling hair oil made by his father with no hope of success, takes on a journey for the thirst of doing something new and going somewhere new.

Following a road on a truck which is an antique moving cinema he picks up on his way an irritating boy who used to work at a teashop and knows more about life than the man does, an elderly mechanic who has learnt to takes the hardships in life with a smile and an attractive gypsy woman. Together they encounter the police, the dacoits, a mela and finally, ‘finality’. All of them, the people and the incidents, teach him about life, to live and let live.

He returns just as he left, alone, but much wiser and happier. Just like any other road movie (a genre of film).

It was a thoroughly enjoyable film.

The part I liked the best is the title: Road, Movie


  1. Liked the movie. But the altered form of 'Sar jo tera chakraaye' during the end credits didn't appeal to me.

  2. @aniket:
    I don't remember! Left the hall before the end credits ended :)