Monday, July 12, 2010


I never followed FIFA before.

The only footfall I watched was the finals of EuroCup 2008 when I was interning in Jamshedpur, living in a girl's wing and frustrated to watch Get Gorgeous 5 on Channel V and Splitsvilla on MTV, I used to stay up late in the night a watch half hour of EuroCup. The only complete match I watched was the finals. And I thought Casillas was AWESOME!!!

But this year, the day the matches began, I was in London, it being my last working day. The spirit with which London embraced football got me interested. I first match I really watched was Germany vs England and since then I have been hooked.

With Casillas as my desktop bg for the past one week I cheered last night for Spain. What a match it was with fouls and misses and a single goal in extra time.

Now I know why the world is so crazy about football !

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