Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It surprises me how silly things can get people pissed off.

If a forum devised for nonsense has nonsense everyday on it starts getting flooded with some other kind of nonsense, people who are followers of the original nonsense get pissed off by the people who are flooding in new nonsense.

If social networks keep bombarding you with various offers and promotions, when one particular promotions keeps coming back again and again, people get pissed off, in spite of not enjoying any other promotions anyway.
And I muse and get amused. But I still don't get pissed off by the double standardized hypocritical pissed off people on the planet. I assume they are double standardized and they are hypocritical. And I muse. Once in a while, I make a statement of this kind with a smile on my lips and think of all those people who shall read this post and come to a conclusion that I am pissed off OR more satisfyingly, get pissed off by this post ! :)

The other day I was checking the OCEAN test on FB. Says I am 0% neurotic. Now that's crazy right ?
I cry easily, laugh easily, believe people easily, walk away easily. How can I be 0% neurotic. I am as much a drama queen as there can be.
But then, I guess if stupid nonsense pisses off people easily and it just does not irk me, I am probably not neurotic. I am only as neurotic as is required :P

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