Friday, July 02, 2010

Term IV

I reached a week late to college, thanks to internship.
About the same time as the new batch was coming in.
It was so much better in undergrad when you didn't know many who were passing out nearly for 3 years and about the same time when you stop caring about who is coming in.

And my time table is crazy. Classes are canceled all over the place and rescheduled every weekend. I have Wednesdays off for sure and Sundays not off for sure and an occasional Saturday off. So now there is no difference between a weekday and a weekend. Meaning we chill out everyday :)

Surprisingly more tiring than work life.
At work you come back home and you don't have any more work.
And you have your weekend off.

Life is back into the churn.
45/15 has graduated out of IIM Calcutta.
46/16 is now called PGP2.
47/17 has entered in as PGP1.
A fachcha party happened which was one of a kind.
And now life is back into the churn.

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