Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can you take me higher?

Reporting from JFK airport! No there is no free wifi here. I need to have some card with some credit stuff. It’s not like I can pay now also. It says next time you log on to the internet, get credit and use wifi in more than 500 airports, 2000 hotels and some insane cafes.

So, here I am posting it from a Greyhound bus to Boston about what happened nearly a day ago.

Sitting at the window can give you so many insights into life! Or maybe I am just philosophical because even the light rain outside the glass window at JFK somehow makes me happy.

Actually, I have always had a window seat on a place journey. At least I think so because I do not remember not having one.

Flying from Kolkata to Hyderabad, I saw an amazing sight. It was night and the sky was dark. We were flying above the clouds and the stars sparkled beautifully. We reduced altitude as we neared Hyderabad and then I saw. What a beautiful sight! Dark gloomy clouds smashed against each other angrily and huge bolts of lightning erupted in the sky, far away, below us in altitude. Have you ever seen a storm from above?

Flying from Hyderabad to Bombay, I was delighted to get a window seat because I loved the city of Mumbai at night time from air. I could see the Bandra-Worli sea link and the Oberai and try to locate my office. But that was then, on my intern. This time I could see none but still, Mumbai from air during the night is beautiful. It is a jewel studded island with the dark blue sea merging with the darkness all round the island. I loved it, landing and I loved it, taking off.

Flying from Mumbai to New York, was a nice experience. It’s like we are trying to run away from the sun but the sun catches up on us. We took off from Mumbai to such a great height at one in the night that the sky was absolutely clear and the full moon shone nakedly at me into my window and on to me when all the lights in the flight were off and everyone was quietly asleep. I feel asleep too. And when I woke up, I was looking down the city lights of some East European areas. When I could see nothing clearly, I dozed off again but not before I saw traces of the sun catching up on us with the hint of twilight at the horizon. But the next morning was beautiful. I could see land and a completely clouded area with some pieces of visibility in between. And then I slowly realized. It was ice. I was looking down at an almost cloudless sky with ice and scattered land and water in between. I looked at my indicator, I was passing by Greenland! And the final beauty of it was a few minutes before we reached JFK; a nearly cloudless sky and an endless ocean with hints of foam blended into the sky with no hint of a horizon. It was almost philosophical!

Is it just that the plane really does take me higher!

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