Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home and Away

We don't begin to love home till you leave it.
But we always get by.

But more importantly, the little things go unnoticed.
I had never really noticed or enjoyed any of the little things.
The sounds, the smells and the colors of my country.
I miss it all so much.

I didn't miss it so much in London.
That way I don't thing London is very different.

But here, I walk out that door.
I don't see bright colors anywhere, not even people.
I don't hear conversation anywhere on the streets.
I don't hear any honks from the vehicles.
I don't see traffic.
I don't see stuff on the side streets.
I don't run into annoying people in transit.
I don't smell the roadside food.
I don't smell the petrol at the parking lot.
In fact I don't smell anything.
It's lonely and weird and I am home sick!

But the school is wonderful though.
I got my new ID and borrowed a book from the library.

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