Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hyd It

Well! I left IIM Calcutta to get to the airport.

I already did a web check-in, so even if I can't be there one hour before I thought I could manage. But I was not there even half hour prior to my flight taking off and they refused to put me on board. After much pleading they allowed me to get on the flight but I had to leave my check-in luggage because I did a web check-in but then if I didn't do a web check-in even I can't take the flight.

So that's what I did. I left my luggage in the middle of the airport unattended and ran towards the security check with my laptop backpack and a small suitcase with all my certificates. I cut short the queues, ran through the security check and squeezed myself into the bus that takes me to the flight.

After I got off the flight, I had to wait for 2hours and 45minutes before I could get my check in luggage that was transported to Hyderabad through the next flight here even if it was not by the same carrier.

I must say IndiGo Airlines did a good job!

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