Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simmons Women

I didn't hear about Simmons before my STEP idea. I wanted to go to France. But I couldn't and then decided to go to Simmons because it is in the USA.

But I am glad I did.
Simmons College: Graduate School of Management is where I am doing my exchange program. It's an all girls school (not the entire college, just GSM). And everyone at Simmons is here because they want to be here. The students know why they are doing an MBA and it matters a lot to the faculty and staff that they work for Simmons and the cause of empowering women. It's interesting the people in Simmons, both students and faculty, have chosen it over other well perceived brilliant schools.

In school we had a sizable amount of girls in class, about 30%. In junior college it was about 15%. In my undergraduation it was about 10% in the batch and 6% in my class. In post graduation, it's about 12%. It's fascinating to be sitting in a room full of women teaching, learning and sharing. It's a very different experience.
It's different to be a Simmons Woman!

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