Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Falls in the Fall

Sunday was a day!

We left early in the morning at about 12.30pm to Snoqualmie Falls which is about 45 mins from home. It was beautiful and it was raining and drizzling but yet it was beautiful and on the way I saw that fall has begun!

Snoqualmie Falls:
The Fall:

And then we headed to Macy's. My sister bought me shoes and tops :)

Finally we had a scrumptious meal at my cousin's house playing with his little son who calls me auntie :)

Monday was a boring day spent writing a case analysis for my class tomorrow and watching a romantic comedy on netflix. (will blog about it once I am done)

And then later tonight I will take my plane back to Boston with my backpack, my new shoes and my Unaccustomed Earth and life goes on...


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