Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekends that Aren't lOOng

A weekend after a long weekend is always short. Because it is not long.

So the last weekend was short.
When i think about it now I feel I did nothing.
May be I did not do anything!

Friday I actually did nothing!
I woke up late, cooked lunch, had lunched, watched some TV.
I was supposed to meet an old friend who was on an official trip, but it turns out that I also attended his dinner meeting!
Saturday I actually did nothing! I kinda ran into a few people, walked about Downtown.
Sunday I actually did nothing! I went to the College Fest at Hynnes Convection Centre and it turned out to be like Saarang spons stalls and informals. Also I am not in undergrad school anymore :(

And there you go, the laziest weekend eva! (I hope it is!)

This weekend starts tonight!
And I am off to Seattle to visit my sister and will be there, extending my weekend a bit.
So anyone in Seattle wanna catch up over a cup of coffee, catch me if you can! (cell/blog)


  1. hahah I LOVE your note underneath your Title.... reminiscent of My So-Called Life.. Remember that show? GOD I love that...

    Whenever you get a chance, please check out my collaborative blog,! All kinds of material (literary, nonfiction, multimedia, video) about growing up, and beginnings in general. We've survived it. Now let's attest to it! :)

  2. @Jessica

    Thank you!
    Sadly, I never watched My S-Called Life. I realized I was too young when it was aired. But I'll make it a point to watch it someday.

    Will try and see how I can contribute to the blog too! Thank you.