Wednesday, October 06, 2010

B-schools and Tech schools

After moving on to b-schools and having experienced Indian and US b-schools, I feel it is pretty much the same everywhere. Everywhere I feel b-schools are designed to kill you. But that is 'stress' training for the corporate world. Everywhere b-schools seem to focus on entrepreneurship and social ventures (whether or not things happen, they do try). Everywhere b-schools don't need too many facilities and the provided facilities are in good shape (at least most b-schools). Everywhere b-schools are very costly. Everywhere people who pass out of b-schools earn a lot.
There are differences. I do feel that people in US feel strongly about their choice of graduation and are motivated to work for it. I do feel that we Indians are not that passionate about education and are not as motivated since it is only looked upon a means to achieve an end which is more attractive than the means itself. Indian b-schools party a lot more than in US since the Indian b-schools have a younger group of people. US b-schools have people from all ages doing all kinds of things and have extremely flexible terms to be able to prolong your 2 year graduation for nearly 4 years. Indian b-schools are more or less like extensions of undergrad schools since 40% have no work experience and 50% are below 25 years of age. And in India grad students live campus helping in the party mode!

Tech schools
I will always have respect for Tech schools. I will always consider myself an engineer and I will always love tech stuff (even though I did not feel that way when I was studying at IIT). But now I know. I loved IIT and I will probably never love find a better place. It was full of young people who were staying away from home and they are all kinds of people with all kinds of smartness. Some street smart, some tech smart, some politically smart, some nerdy smart, all smart. Some nice, some mean, some cunning, some bullied, some loved, some hated, all changed. We all grew up together and we all lived together. We all (well mostly) survived.
After visiting a US tech school, I feel we lack heavily on facilities and equipment that at most times are immensely expensive. But I guess that's why people go to US to do their research. Indian tech schools are only made to make you smarter and prepare you for research and send you away. I was in love with my lab back in IIT but today I understand it's limitations. If US provides world class research institutes, India and China provide the human brains to run them.

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