Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Early Weekend!

My Weekend began on Thursday morning when I woke up at 5.30! I have a flight to Pittsburgh early to spend it with one of my closest friends ever from IIT.
We spent Thursday having lunch at Cheescake Factory, shopping for a while and dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant whose name I forget.

Friday was a fun trip around Pittsburgh. I didn't know that Pittsburgh was so beautiful. Down town Pittsburgh has two rivers on either side, Allegheny (fair waters or beautiful waters) and Monongahela (falling deep banks) and they meet up at the edge of downtown to form Ohio river. And all this can be seen if you go on the hillside through inclines. Beautiful pictures to take!
There was this hangout place where old equipment from steel plants was put on display. Apparently, Pittsburgh was a steel city once and hence the name Steelers for their football team.

And the night rested with a dinner cruise on the three rivers which celebrated a little girl's birthday party, a young lady's bachelorette party and a mature couple's 50th anniversary! At one point of time, the bachelorette was wishing the lady celebrating her 50th anniversary while the little girl was running around them!
Such is Life!

PS: The previous weekend has not gone on record for I did nothing but stay at home. I did manage to go to a farmer's market and buy veggies and cook!

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  1. Abay. Thats the ethipian restaurant :)