Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Five Minute Poem

For one of my courses today, I had to do an assignment called the "Five Minute Poem" which is a idea by Beverly Tatum.

It was an interesting exercise and I think you should try it for yourself. Here are the rules:

Four Stanzas. Each Stanza Has Four Lines. Each Stanza Begins – “I am from…”

First Stanza: Familiar sights, sounds, or smells of your neighborhood

Second Stanza: Familiar Foods

Third Stanza: Family Sayings

Fourth Stanza: Friends

And here is mine (since it's not really a poem, I did not put it in my poetry blog):

I am from the rainbows lair

Of bright and bold sprinkled everywhere

A billion throng loud with laughter

Rain soaked earth with a mixed mutter

I am from the land of spices

Pickles and masala chai form our vices

A spread of color on your plate

A spread of tastes for your palate

I am from a culture rich of hyperbole

Praise less subtle in humor relay

Of theatre and politics bearing the name

For the games that they play all the same

I am from a circle of trust

Differences lie only on the crust

Share a laugh about the bad times

Share it till everyone joins and rhymes

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