Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Opening Our Doors on Columbus Day

Columbus discovered the New World on October 12th, 1942 and I got a holiday today because it is Columbus Day. It is I guess the closest Monday to Oct 12th. But then my Mondays are off anyway so it should not make much of a difference.

But I attended a little bit of the Opening Our Doors by The Fenway Alliance (of which my school is a part). I wanted to do a lot of things, like listening to music concerts or look through art galleries or watch some short films or some plays. But I didn't do most of it.

We (by we I mean my freshmen friend from China who watches Bollywood films and my good ol' Nica friend) met up a little later than we thought and spent a good 2 hours having a great lunch with a double helping of ice cream after tasting all the flavors at the Residential Campus cafe.

We then decided to check out the cultural festival of sorts and managed to check out only Evan's Way Park that had hands on art work to do like painting of all sorts and pumpkin decoration and stuff, more like Shankti Kunj of IIT Madras.

We painted the ground with colored chalk, one of us got a henna tattoo, we drew stuff on a chart with color sketches, made conversation with a photographer (she is pretty good, check out her site), posed for some pics at various points, we watched face painting, wrote poetry for the PoeTree (the only tree that turned yellow in Evan's Park), we even made wishes and we had a lot of fun. We also visited the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum!

Even though my weekend unexpected started on Wednesday itself, I spent Wednesday writing a paper that was due, Thursday getting a hair cut, Friday studying, Saturday at the Silverman Business Competition where my roommate was competing (and I just tagged along to watch), Sunday lying in my room all day and I still have to do laundry :( !

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