Monday, October 25, 2010

Quickest Boston Tour

This weekend was fun as well.

Started out on Friday when Ivo wanted to check out Halloween Costumes! We went to the biggest costume shop in Boston. Yet! We found nothing. OK not nothing! I got rainbow socks and she got a moose headband and fake eyelashes. But not costumes. We then went out to join a few girlfriends. And I ended up crashing over at ivo's place.

We woke up to a lazy lazy Saturday and we went out for lunch. And when I say out I mena we walked out and kept walking and walking till we did not find any place to have a nice lunch and finally settled for Starbucks ! We then managed to buy out the entirity of Stop and Shop and carried a million bags back to her house. I walked back home and she went to school to study.

I had to pick up a friend who was coming from NY. So I cooked and went to pick her up. I picked her up at South Station and showed her Downtown by night. On Sunday, I took her in an ad-hoc manner down the freedom trail. We had lunch at Quincy and sat down by the harbor for a while. We then went to Harvard Yard and roamed around a bit before heading back to Boston. We stopped by Copley and visited ISKCON again. We walked the streets for a while, stopped by the school and picked up ivo. We joined her friend we ran into at Harvard T for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then we headed home. A lot of walking for one day!
Today morning, she woke up and left to NY.

Another week begins! This time more with deadlines than plans!!

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