Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Unknown Lands

Have you ever heard of a country called Moldova? I haven't! And all I can think of it to contact my 8th class friend who used to play hangman of countries names with me and tell him that I have a new country name.

Well it is not a new country name. It is relatively new but not new. And I am ashamed at my ignorance. Because it is a country rich in history and culture.

How did I suddenly know about it? I was checking out my blogger stats and I came to know that someone from Moldova visited my site a few times. I am surprised.

Moldova is a landlocked democratic country in Eastern Europe between Romania and Ukraine, which became a country along with the others when USSR broke up in 1991. It has strong Russian influences in it culture but some of Latin as well. The script of Moldovian is Latin. It has good music and museums. It did have a cinema but that declined after it was declared independent. It also has a self declared country within its territory called "Transnistria" which is not recognized as a country except by that very country. Moldova has good quality wine and hosts the world's largest wine cellars but due to political reasons its wine has not been popularized.

The world's largest wine cellars.
For travelers, beware of scams and crimes and don't mix up between Romanians and Moldovians (might be offensive) and most importantly, be chivalrous to women.

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  1. He... He... I knew Maldova... But not the fact tht its flag is a rip-off....