Monday, November 29, 2010

Beacon Hill and Thanksgiving

After my wonderful teaching experience and a great rating for a presentation in one of my classes the Thanksgiving break was up.
Wednesday through Monday was my break.

On Wednesday we (Ivo and I) walked again. We walked Beacon Hill. It was so freaking cold that we froze over and had to stop at every starbucks we found. But it was beautiful. Boston is a weird city. It's all college stuff everywhere and like a little town in between the college stuff. We saw places owned by some of the prominent Bostoners of the 1800s. It's all cute and nice. Like living out of the old times. All the architecture was 18th and 19th century. Some houses had so many creepers on them and there were hidden gardens too.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. We (my Chinese undergrad friend, Ivo and I) had lunch at the school for Thanksgiving and we have Turkey and corn bread and mash potates with new people. It was all in my Chinese friend's dorm's living room. After that we went with another Chinese friend (grad school) and her Chinese friend to a professor's house which was in a suburb called Wellesley. It was nice. It was the (American)professor, her daughter with Polish roots, her daughter's friend, her daughter's friend's mother and father who is a professor too, her daughter's friend's father's undergrad student, her daughter's friend's dad's Russian student who is on exchange from Netherlands, a student who stays in the professors house who is a second generation Ukrainian, a dutch couple who were the professor's friends, my Chinese grad friend, my Chinese grad friend's friend, my Nicaraguan friend and my Indian self.
A truly international yet American Thanksgiving dinner complete with Turkey and Pumpkin pie.
Oh Lord! Thank you for this meal!

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