Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Dream On

In one of my courses last week, we had a guest lecture. The guest was this wonderful woman who in her 50s decided to start a nonprofit organization to help women to come away from violent homes.

During the course of her lecture, she made us write our "Dream Proposal".
Your dream proposal consisted of the your biggest dream, steps and goals to reach it and the estimated cost of the first step to reach the dream.The dream could be a picture including your life, you home, your car, the color of your curtains and so on.

As I put pen to paper I tried to recollect my dreams.

The first time I dreamed of doing something was when I was in class 3. I wanted to be the first Indian woman in space and when I was about 10 years old, Kalpana Chawla beat me to it so I tore up all my newspaper cuttings of articles about space, nasa research, meteor showers, etc and gave up that dream.

The first time I put pen on paper and wrote down a pictorial life style dream was about 9 years ago, in class 10. We had a woman who was an alumnus of our school come over to motivate us. She made us close us eyes, listen to soothing music and her harmonious voice and directed us to imagine 10 years hence and look at our lives, picture it and write it down.

I don't have the paper with me right now (it's in my memory box packed away in Kolkata), but I remember what I wrote. I wrote down a lifestyle. Today, I am living it !

(Image courtesy: p0rg)

And suddenly, I realized, I needed a new dream!
And then I realized, I have had a new dream since all these 9 years. And a newer dream since 7 years. And a much newer dream since 6 years and the newest dream since 3 years. I have many dreams ! so many many dreams :)

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