Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Teach!

MIT conducts every year a little (actually a really huge) event called Splash (and one over the spring called Spark).

During Splash, any grad/undergrad student can sign up to teach anything, absolutely anything. And who are the students? Middle school and high school students from all over, anywhere. It is up to the teacher to keep the students engages because there are walk-in seminars happening all the time and one could just walk out of a class into these seminars.

So what has it got to do with me? I TAUGHT !!!

(well it was supposed to come off as "what did I teach?", but if you read it as "waht? I don't believe you!" I won't hold it against you.)

so I taught 5 classes of 3 courses.
  • Introduction to Telugu: language and alphabet (2 classes)
  • Incredible India: a crash course on Indian culture (2 classes)
  • Blog Your Way: Blogging 101 (1 class)

How was it?

What did I learn about myself?
That I know more about Telugu than I thought and my handwriting is good. I know a lot about Indian culture, but I should probably learn more. I know almonds about blogging.

It was also amazing to see parents waiting for their kids, anxious to know what they learnt and elated to see them happy. There was this one lady who was looking through the glass of the door to see how her kid was doing. OK that was a little too much. But in general, I liked the atmosphere. I did not think American parents would care so much about their kids and their little wishes to learn about foreign language or modular origami or black-holes . How wrong I was! How wrong I was!

This is by far the best weekend in United States! (and I don't think the next two are going to beat it. Yes, two. Just two.)

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