Sunday, November 21, 2010


The whole trip to New York felt like a vacation you take when you are working and not a student, like working-people-taking-vacation.

I woke up on Thursday morning to run to a meeting for a project, followed by another meeting for another project followed by a rush to the bus station to catch a bus to NY. See what I mean by working-people-taking-vacation?

The journey to and fro sucks. Because Megabus sucks. I took my laptop with me just so I could use the wifi on Megabus to and fro and work on some stuff I needed to get done over the weekend and not really wanting to work during the weekend. Ultimately, I just carried 3 extra kgs of load to and fro with no use for it except a brief half hour to check mails check weather and register for courses at IIMC.

But Manhattan rocks.

My tour of New York started right from where I got off the bus. Madison Square and Times Square!

The next day began with a little walk around the Fina
ncial District: The New York Stock Exchange, The Bull and The Wall Street (see all my capital Ts in 'The's). We took a ferry to the Statue of Liberty (but since it was later in the day they did not take us to something else that they normal do and also they ran out of tickets for going to the crown. Not that I was upset. But it was funny; we had 'airport like security'. I am not making up the phrase; this is the phrase they used at the security check.

We went over to Ground Zero but it was all barricaded due to some construction work and the Metro stop underneath was also out of service (since 2002). We finished our tour for the day with a spectacular (extremely chilly) view from the Empire State Building.

The next day we woke up later than ever and by the time we had lunch it was nearing dusk. So we quickly wen to the beautiful Central Park and to Lego Land and Rockefeller center. We saw two ice rinks and walked around a lot in the lanes of West Village.

Sunday was just for waking up, grabbing a bite and the pathetic bus back to Boston.

The highlights of the trip:
  • Airport like security
  • The freezing view from Empire State
  • The soft flooring in the kids zone at Central Park. So that kids who fall don't get hurt. It was like styrofoam or something. It was absolutely awesome.
  • Big Big Bubble; at Central Park, there was this guy who had a bucket of soapy water and two sticks connected by a loop of string. So you could make like insanely lasrge bubbles, the size I have never seen before.
  • Lego store, Lego land was mindblowing. I could spend like days if I get locked up in Lego land!

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