Sunday, November 07, 2010

Of Picasso, Paneer and Halloween

Some how, I seemed to have missed the post on Halloween weekend.

Oh well because there was nothing to it. I was supposed to go to NY and meet my undergrad friends (one being bard). But it got cancelled in the last minute!

After my extremely eventful Thursday, I spent a quite Friday cleaning. This is the first I ever used a vacuum cleaner. :)
I always thought vacuum was spelled as vaccuum. Is it not? Is it American vs British or am I plain wrong ? (don't Google it).

So, on Saturday, the bard, who's researching in Tufts, and I decided to spend the day around Tufts and Harvard and we did.

We went to the Harvard Art Museum and saw so many paintings, I barely remember any at all. In fact, I remember only one. It was a Picasso painting. It was amazing and it stuck in my memory. It was funny actually. I was standing in front of it and I was like what the hell? What's so great about it? And I moved away. I just happened to turn around and then it caught it. It's not beautiful. It's just amazing. No wonder Picasso is Picasso.

(image courtesy: renzodionigi )

Then we went over to her friend's place where her some other friends were meeting. The idea was that they'd meeting once in a while and make international food. The Spanish lady, the host made Spanish omelette. And bard and I made Palak Panner. It turned out good. (and this was the first either of us attempted it).

On Halloween, I met up with a friend I made during Vatsap's dinner meeting. She sang the Indian National Anthem at that dinner. And it felt great to hear it on foreign land. So I made friends with her (and also because it was hard to find students at that dinner and she was studying middle eastern jazz at Berkelee School).
So we didn't have anything to do and we dropped by at the ISKCON temple and just roamed about in freezing cold to watch dressed up people on the street.

PS: Bard, I can't link you. Your blog has moved and I can't find it. Please drop in and let me know.

Update: Bard, you are not linked ! Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Bard isn't here... But I dropped by...

  2. Anonymous9:08 pm

    lol@ puppet

    We made oatmeal raisin cookies this time :)


  3. @puppet: Great to have to back! Guess what? Bard's here too :P

    @Bard: Oh its butiful and not beautiful :) and naaicce how did the cookies turn out ?