Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To do, To Blog

After all the blogging I do, I always have more to blog about.
I am living life faster, everyday !

Here are a list of things to blog about ...

  • Unaccustomed Earth
  • Interpreter of Maladies
  • Breathless in Bombay (when I finish)

  • Amelie
  • My Sister's Keeper (already blogged on another site)
  • NY I Love You (But I think I'll get a different perspective after going to NY this weekend :P )
  • The Day I Became a Woman
  • Rajneeti
  • Tum Milo To Sahi
  • Veronica Mars (it's actually a series)

Random things:
  • Like Boston and NY have a lot of rats
  • Like I am not worried about traveling by T after dark anymore because it gets dark by 4.30 now
  • Like how the fact that i finally know what day light savings is and how freaked out I got about it :P
  • Like how I had a discussion with a blogger who believes I am a different "type" and the weekend awakening conversation was not expected out of me and how I reacted very violently to it. (ah well, may be I won't blog about it).
  • Like how I called my long lost friend yesterday and felt great talking to her (we have been on fb for a while).
  • Like how I called my long lost friend today and was hesitant to tell her who I was.
  • Like how I made three new friends out of acquaintances.
  • Like how I realize I only have a month left and lots and lots and lots of stuff left to do!
(Image courtesy: AikoNagori)


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