Friday, December 03, 2010

Economics and Dancing

The header I made yesterday comes in the middle of a frustrated period when I was trying to finish up my presentation for a class within a few hours. It went well.So did today's morning economics class where we presented about the economies of US and Germany.

After that I had a sumptuous meal at Bartol's the canteen for the residential campus which is my latest hangout for cheap good food (great French Vanilla and Ice-cream) along with Ivo.

Then we had a stupid session by me for Bollywood dancing, where I made my friends (who were dancing great) for Bole Chudiyaan and I was a pathetic teacher. That's another thing I learnt, I can't break down dance into a 1-2 step process. Following me was a wonderful teacher of Greek dance my one of our classmates who is a second generation Greek. She taught us well and we learnt it well and all in all it was FUN!

This is the first session of a set of sessions that are to follow organized by Ivo for our co-herd to share everyone's talents. (No, Bollywood dancing is not my talent. For God's sake I had no idea there was something called Bollywood dancing till I came here).

Ivo, an 'asian'-phillic, complained often that we never walked on the streets of Chinatown. We did just that today, walked a bit. Then we got home and Ivo helped me pack.

So I am basically packed, well mostly, except for a bit of laundry and the clothes I need to last me a week. No, I am packed :) I am. And it's only sinking in now. That I am leaving Boston in a couple of days!

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