Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Growing Up !

There hasn't been much of a blogpost after I returned from NY, has there ? Except for a few hangover posts !

So much has changed and so much will still.

I returned from US to my house in Hyderabad (shall still just call it a house), to spend a few days before I take a detour to my hometown for a friend's wedding. Or should I say my best friend's wedding. We had so much in common and now so little.

I was really excited to attend the wedding. I never attended a friend's wedding before. I was really busy every time there was one.

Only two days younger to me, she is married now and leading a happily married life. It made me wonder and made me think. Have I really grown up?

The moment I saw her all dressed like a bride and nervous and yet smiling at us. I wondered, have we all really grown up ?

And then of course, there as another school friend of mine who came to the wedding with her husband and her 11 month old son. She was screaming with him, playing with him, chastising him and drowning him in her love. Have we really grown up already ?

And then I have my best friend of all times, who is in US now married for a few years, with a two year old daughter and pregnant with the second. She did not come for the wedding. Again, have we all really grown up ?

I asked my friend this question. Another from the now-and-then pack, best friend of all times, have we grown up ?
She is studying to be a doctor and there is a long long way to go. She said, all I do is attend weddings, give advice on contraceptives, attend baby showers when they don't follow her advice and smile at all functions. Because, she will be a doctor and there is a long long way to go. And she tells me, you will go high up and there is a long long way up.

LOL! I will go high up! But will I ever grow up ?

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