Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Breathless ! In Bombay !!!

I wondered how come all the books I read claimed to be best sellers and wondered if there would be any good books that are not best sellers. Well, this is one. It is a good book. But it is not a best seller. And now I know the difference. It is a beautiful piece yet the style of writing is not that captivating. The idea was brilliant, the stories good, the writing not so much.

Yet, it captivated me.

It is a collection of short stories about different kinds of people in Mumbai by a man passionate about Mumbai called Murzban F. Shroff.

It talks about how the city breaks the ethics of a Victoriawala and how it slaps a taxiwala in the face making him face his own unethicalness and how it makes a Parsi woman trust a Bihari labourer and how it traps a woman in an abusive relationship with schizophrenic.

The title story talks about a man who rises from the slums to become rich and hit page 3 and yet he finds his peace out of the attention and finds love from a social worker.

It’s a beautiful piece, Breathless in Bombay.

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