Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas RED

Came back to Joka on a weekend. But our entire wing was not back yet.

So a few days later, on a nice Wednesday we had a wing party.
H1 top : All That Jazz.
To Jazz it up we got lights: red green and purple.
To make it fun we got a theme: Christmas
To make a theme we got a dress code: Girls in RED and boys in white.
People did not stick to it.
Yet it was fun !!!

And then there was Christmas which coincides with Reminiscence always.
Reminiscence is an alumni meet where in the batch that graduated 25 years ago is invited. Any alumnus is always welcome of course. The 20th batch that came up was a lot of fun. The 45th batch that graduated this year also found their way to Joka and made it a lot more fun.
So Christmas was fun in spite of having nothing to do with Christmas.

Oh wait! our mess had two little trees and the cutest tiny Santa Claus put up. !!!

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