Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries)

It was beautifully shot. Almost poetic.
When I watched the movie, I thought it had three main characters: Munna, Shia and Arun. But after looking at the poster, now I feel there are five characters adding Yasmeen and the city of Mumbai.

Munna was the most striking character. A washer boy in Dhobi Ghat, Prateik played his role so perfectly, it is hard to tell he was not picked up from the ghat. Every emotion so clearly spelt. His open admiration and unsure love for Shia spoke volumes about his talent as an actor.

Shia was irritating I thought when the movie began, but as the movie progressed she gained momentum and different angles to her character. An "investment banking consultant" on sabatical, she is Mumbai to do what I did not understand but basically take photographs of Dhobi Ghat and stalk Arun.

Arun, the divorcee painter, played by Aamir Khan was almost boring. As a usual reclusive, chain smoker, always drinking painter, Aamir Khan portrayed below average acting skills. At some key moments he was almost pathetic.

Yasmeen: Almost perfect. Her character. Her action. The idea of her character. It amazes me. This character is what made this movie poetic. A brilliant piece of art.

Mumbai: It's alive and it runs through the script. Omnipresent and engulfing. Mumbai.

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