Monday, January 17, 2011

Man those ManGames

As part of the curriculum at IIM Cal the entire batch plays a strategy game called “management games”. It’s interesting. We play it once in Term I as novices and once in Term VI before we graduate. I guess the idea is to understand what we learn over the two years. I am not so sure what happened though. Common sense prevails every time J

Btw, one of hostels has something called the ManGames Puja. All its inmates going for the presentation that year are adorned with a mala and tilak wishing them luck and congratulating them on success.

The industry is oil and gas and we play a few quarters spread over a few days (this time it was nights) and then we present our “strategy” on how to go about it. There are also some interesting external factors like we started with a regulated environment which then became deregulated and there were forced expansions and planned expansions. But nothing beats the fun of presenting it. To present you need to understand what happened and how you explain it in “management jargon”.

And finally the presentation by the profs: knowledgable and witty.

Epilogue: There was this extremely cute video that we girls put up proposing the winner of the Man of the ManGames for marriage :P

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