Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year's Eve 2011

I really can't remember what I did for NYE last year. So I looked up my blog. Last year was by far the worst NYE of my life and this year the best !!!

31st Dec 2010

I woke up to pack my bags and run to class. An interesting class it was.
We were 5 girls + 7 boys.
Then we all picked our bags and stuffed into two cars and left for Mandarmani.
One car with 4 (+1) left earlier.
Our sumo with 9(+1) left at about 7.00pm
It's about 166km from Joka.
It took us forever.
We made through half the way well and then we got stuck in (guess what?) fog !!!
I have never seen so much fog. The visibility was like some 10 feet !!!
So we drove, slow and steady. Once we caught a bus and sped up behind it and then we lost it at a toll booth so we were back to slow and steady. No, we did not win the race.
The other car reached the resort at 11.50pm right in time for new years.

We put in a count down and screamed and wished each other right in the 10 people stuffed sumo !!!

1st Jan 2011

We reached about 12.45 am and started our party !
We had a lot of fun. But we had to wait for day light before we could go to the beach.
Go we did and dunked each other in the sea. The motor-able beach was fun.
We came back to the resort, bathed and crashed.
I remember waking up for lunch at 3pm. By now we were 7 girls + 6 boys.
We walked on the beach. Played with the crabs and generally chilled out. A few of us went for boat trips into the sea.
Played volley ball. Played LIFE. Played cards.
Had a party again in the night around the bonfire, singing and talking.
Then we went to bed and none of could sleep and all the girls sat in and talked for hours before me decided to crash.

2nd Jan 2011

We woke up for breakfast and packed up and left Mandarmani.
We stopped by a dhaba (that does not look like a dhaba) for lunch in its entire crowdedness.
We got stuck in real bad traffic.
It took us aout 9 hours for the whole journey what took us about 6 hours in spite of the fog on our earlier journey.
And we made it back in one piece.

But it was by far the best party ever !

Happy New Year everyone !!!

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