Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Playful !

5 male actors, 2 female, 1 co-director.
a bunch of people at the production end, lights, music, set, set design, a poster, an aircon, a pair of french windows, a cyclorama that didn't work out, a spot light that went bust 12 hours pre, a bunch of ups, a bunch of downs, scenes that I was sure would turn out bad, scenes that amazed me when they didn't, actors I loved and knew would do a wonderful job.

All ends up in one beautiful play.

Thank you all for the support and all the hardwork !

Update: I missed out! I would also thank the mosquito-bitten president whose biggest job was to supply mosquito coils. I apologize for forgetting to mention him earlier and I am also sorry that I left him alone with no one but mosquitoes for company for nights together.


  1. One seemingly unappreciated mosquito-bitten president.

  2. @kalia: oops... updated now ! Also KALIA ?? Also after 5 months ??