Thursday, February 03, 2011

IIM Calcutta Premier League

So... Like IPL, a bunch of students at IIMC decided to form the ICPL last year.
It went well with players bidding.

This time they decided to go ahead and put the teams for sale.

We girls of All the Jazz, bored in our final term, decided to buy a team. Just for the fun of it. Honestly, we didn't really know or care much for the game. It was just for the fun of it.

Well we did buy a team.

Go Mumbai Chargers !

First match is on Friday 9.00pm.

Here is our teaser.
We shall come out with a promo soon...


  1. Hey Pranava,

    Came here from the list of attendees of the Kol Indiblogger meet! I am totally enjoying your blog :-)

    Btw, which language was the song in? Telegu, right? ;-)

    Hope to meet you in person in the meet!

  2. Hi ,
    I just wanted to invite you to the indiblogger meet happening in Kolkata after 2 years at
    DC-36, Sector - 1, Salt Lake City
    Kolkata - 700 064
    Landmark: Behind City Centre.
    Only 200 seats available. Entry is free with loads of fun. If you have not registered already, register here = . See you there!

  3. @Debosmita: Its Tamil. And I missed the meet sadly. Was unwell.

    @Zeon: waa :(