Monday, February 28, 2011

The Peculiar Joka Day

I have a fascination with dates.
I remember them, for sentimental reasons, or plain memories.

Like November 14th 2001.
It was Children's Day and Diwali together. What more could a little girl want in India want? Now really, Holi can't be on the same day. But it was the first time I heard of the children in Sivakasi and couldn't imagine burning those crackers on Children's Day. So I boycotted Diwali that year. And I stayed back in my house when my family went out. But my sister came back after a while. She got burnt a little.

See? I remember. I can't seem to forget even if I want to. As a good friend of mine puts it, I suck at the memory part.

Anyway. Back to the original point of discussion.

I just wanted to note down today's date to be remembered years later.
28th February 2011. The day I stopped being a student, stopped studying. I can never stop learning though. And all this unless I decide to do a PhD or something. (Psst. There is a prediction that I would)

Other notable things: As I type this , I have two exams to go and the Academy Awards ceremony is happening on the other side of the world while some people are still talking about the edge-of-the-seat IND-ENG World cup match that happened half a day ago ending in a draw and cursing how it was supposed to happen in Eden, Kol and got shifted to Bang.


  1. Choose thy master carefully for thou art a student for life.... Mashter Puppet....

    I still dont get it... How did ppl not get it tht the match was a fix... I mean even a three year old could tell you tht... Atleast I could when I was three.... Can I be again??? Please... I swear I'll never grow up... Not tht I am doin much on tht front now...

  2. @puppet: in other words, be careful what you wish for !