Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Colorful Imaginations!

This book my Ranjit Lal that I read had three short stories: Big Neem, Red Jaguar and Mrs. Samson’s Lammergeir. That was the title of the book as well. They are about strange incidents that happen to a young boy called Anirudh over summer vacations. I mean different summer vacations, so keeps growing up.

Big Neem is a tree that talks to him and is in the cemetery next to his house. Now really, how creative! And there are ghosts and other animals in the cemetery talk to him as well.

Red Jaguar is a ghost car driven by a ghost who drives it to protect his daughter and the good. Now, the only human who gets to drive it is Anirudh.

Mrs. Samson’s Lammergeir is a spirit trapped inside a Lammergeir and rescues Anirudh and his friend from death, also visible only to a select few.

Amazingly imaginative are the stories that took me back to my childhood summer vacations when a friend of mine and I construed stories about ghosts, spirits, conspiracies, aliens, etc all attributed to an empty old house that we referred to as the Bhoot Bungalow !

I simply loved it. It inspires me to write a few of that kind myself.

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