Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I WISH I hadn't Watched it

I did not know it was a Sanjay Leela Bhansali production till I completed watching it. Had I known I would never have bothered with it, like I did with Black.

So, whatever my review is goes for all of his films.

Guzarish was made to be ‘wowed’. Picked up a sympathical (quiddaled) controversial (to allow or not) topic (euthanasia), added a lot of jazz (world’s best magician) and glamour (Aishwarya Rai) to it, tagged at all sort of sentiments (the ‘I understand’ girlfriend, the ‘I am Sorry’ enemy, the ‘sir, sir’ apprenhentice) and some crazy story of sadness and battle (Project Ethanasia) sprinkled with emotionally stirring scenes (letting the air through his hair in the car or his mothers support and her subsequent death or the scene when the roof leaks and no one takes care of him) and lots of close up shots on the eyes that show deep deep deep deep deep rooted pain and of course the love story (the abusive husband and the further ‘Mrs Mascerehnas’ scene and the dialogue of ‘walk to me’ thing) and there you have it – a complete wanna-be great movie, made by a movie maker who wants to get the Oscar! The movie, and all his movies, amplify all kinds of feelings to a point of no return deeming them simply unrealistic and a show, forgetting the realism in movies. Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Ghum is a better movie. At least you expect all that drama.

Guzarish consistently reminded me deeply of a movie called ‘My Left Foot’, an Italian Irish low budget film that won the Oscar in 1989 (also known as the year that Oscars got it right). The only difference is that My Left Foot was a brilliant movie while Guzarish is just a bad movie inspired out of it.


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  2. I think My Left Foot was an Irish film. It was definitely set in Ireland and the character portrayed - Christy Brown - was Irish.

    Nonetheless, it was a pretty good movie.

    Btw, your blog showed up in my google reader recommended items. In case you're wondering...

  3. @anupam:
    Extremely sorry. It is indeed an Irish film. I was just sleepy when :P Glad to know Google recommends :)

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  5. Well only Hritik can perform in magic shows without a crew... talk of realism :P
    But I don't regret watching the movie.. helped me with the GDPI :)

  6. @kanishk: THIS is what helped you in GDPI? God save IIMC!

  7. hahaha well too late now :P

  8. Me too ! I totally gave up after watching. Its such a "not my types movie" :( , but for the hype !