Saturday, April 09, 2011


In Chennai we caught a flight to Singapore, my mother’s first international trip. And then we headed out to see the city of Singapore. We drove around the city here and there looking at building and other building like buildings and then we went to China Town. Cute it was to see an eastern China Town. It was more authentic and had a lot more lamps than in the west. Later we went on a trip down the river looking at the lovely bridges, Clark Quay and the tiny eating places on the river bank that reminded a little of Camden Town (London).

The next day we headed out to the Jurong Bird Park. I was absolutely amazed to see the bird show, thrilled like a child. I loved the penguins and the flamingoes and had a fun time at the cage where bird climb on to you. Next stop was Sentosa.

I heard a lot about it but was not really impressed. First we went to the Merlion which I thought would have a wonderful myth. Sadly, it was a rather stupid story. Singapore decided it needed a symbol and paid respects to the Lion from where it derived its name (some kind was a cub when he found the island) and to the sea for having sustained the business at the ports and thus was formed the Merlion. Really! No story about spotting a lion that could swim or a fish that looked like a lion or whatever that gave rise to a mythical creature that protects the island, like the Lochness Monster ? Very disappointed.

After that we went up a space something tower or something from where we get a good view and then we went to the Underwater Oceanarium. The first thing I was an octopus in a little little space, the size of the boxes that Paul would choose. I wondered how its eight tentacles squeezed into that little space. But apart from that the Oceanarium was fascinating. It had such atiny fish that you had look through a magnifying glass. It had lovely jelly fish. It had a small tank where you could touch the fish. It had tank where you could feed the fish. It had the tube like aquarium where you feel like you are in the aquarium. And the best thing, Stingray! All kinds of them and I love them.

The day ended wonderfully though, with the “Song of the Sea” performance that was lovely. The best part I liked was when the water gives you the effect of lava and there are bursts of fire everywhere. That was the best part because if you minus that, Shaastra Laser Show was way more enchanting with the mist and the laser light right above your head.

Oh! And did I mention we are all to shop at Mustafa! Really!

Then we head out to Malaysia.

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