Saturday, April 09, 2011

Vacation and Work

Two Sundays after we left home, we reached home. And with us we have tiny little replicas of the Merlion, the Twin Towers, Buddha and some shopping, and of course, my black cap and a PGDM certificate. And did I forget to mention, that India won the World Cup? Again, All Hail SBI!

The minute we came home we had to head to gather supplies for the next morning. The next day was Ugadi, the New Year according to the Telugu calendar. And hence the festivities continue and everything goes back to normal once you are back home.

Or so you think. I didn’t feel like I came home, I just felt like I left home and sort of lost. Not that I was utterly in love with Joka or Kolkata (though I love them both), but of the fact that I have stayed in a college campus for six years now that it feels weird not to.

And now I have 4.5 months at home. Even to think of it freaks me out on how to spend my time. I have already begun looking for options like internships. If anyone feels like doing something fun this summer drop a line.

About Internships:

If anyone would like me to write for them, that would be great.

If anyone would help me get an internship with a magazine, that would be awesome.

If anyone would want to keep me busy my giving me some work and getting some work off your back, let me know it just might be what I am looking for.

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  1. :( there is too much of it on my back. I want fundaes :D