Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gibson's War Movies

Having seen Braveheart, somehow every time I saw an advertisement for The Patriot, I assumed I had watched it until one day my mom said something about it and I had no idea. So the next time it was on TV, I watched it. And now, I do not remember Braveheart either so I cannot compare. As is, The Patriot was a nicely made movie.

It was supposed to be a really touching movie. But I cried (yes I cried) only once through the movie. The scene when his youngest daughter (who refused to talk to him) calls out to him when he is leaving and says she will talk as much as he wants and whatever he wants if that means he would stay and not leave for battle. That scene was beautifully captured all the emotions of a family sending away their men to war across the world.

Apart from that I have nothing else to write about it.

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