Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shiva, The Mahadev

I cannot express ever how much I truly adore the Hindu God Shiva. For his almighty power, his emotions, his great dance, his attitude towards his woman, his simplicity and simple ways of living and everything else that he represents. He seemed different to me, from the rest of the gods. He is raw and close to the nature.

I also strongly believe that many of our Hindu gods were actually men who were glorified to Godliness after great deeds for the common good. I also believe that the "asuras" and other lowly non-Aryans weren't evil and just that they were not Aryans and were very different from them. And somehow more or less all these interpretations are not my own and I believe there are many like that. Amish Tripathi is too. And so is his wonderful book a reflection of that.

No wonder I loved the book The Immortals of Meluha. To beautiful writing and to a great idea, I bow to the author. It does not seem like a debut. He struggled very hard to raise publicity, innovating using a youtube video.

And the way he describes Shiva! The warrior who would come, who would not be from the Saptha-Sindhu, whose throat will turn blue when the Somras touches it, he who is Neelakantha would be the destroyer of evil!

The book so well receives the mythical stories and ties them with human nature. Suryavanshi was a socialist communist state and the Chrandravanshi kingdom was a democratic capitalistic state and Nagas, just people who have been subjugated because they had deformities. Oh there are many more interpretations and I can go on forever. 

So talented is the author, I hope he goes on well to not be gobbled up with the attention and continue to write for the sake of Shiva, the story and the art of writing, to produce his second and third books in the Shiva Trilogy.


  1. Shrey1:14 pm

    Was thinking of buying this book for a while but was not sure how good will it be. After this review, I probably will buy it.
    Sounds super good. Hope it does not have much to do with your bias for Shiva. :)

  2. No scriptures could make me to love Shiva much more than this book!