Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Son of Odin!

It was the usual story. Out of the world God(dess) falls to the earth and meets the adorable(brave) lady(warrior) thus, falling in love. Oh did I forget the “save the day” part? Yeah, they save the world together. In most stories the immortal one leaves that gift to stay on earth and live together. There can be versions where the mortal one attains immortality and if a producer is looking for a sequel, they stay separated, but just for now (wait for part two). All you gults will remember the legendary movie we grew up watching, Jagadeeka Veerudu - Atiloka Sundari.

Thor (if you remember the guy that Thursday was named after, the one who plays with thunder) falls out of the sky in front of our lady (literally in front of her SUV). Betrayed by his brother Loki (some god who is sometimes good and sometimes bad) he goes out to save his father and his kingdom and even the people of the enemy kingdom having gained the power of soul thanks to the undying love from his lady on earth. (And people praised J K Rowling for wonderfully spinning stories.)

The best part of the movie was that this new Australian chap looked like (quoting a friend) the younger hunkier (end of quote) long lost twin of Brad Pitt (remember Achilles in Troy). And Natalie Portman looked nothing like the psychotic woman who at times drove me nuts in Black Swan. On the contrary, she looked like a beautiful damsel in distress (the distress being that years of research was snatched away by men in black suits claiming to be nobody).

The 3D and the fights were absolutely awesome. These are the kind that needs to be made in 3D, not haunted.

You must must watch. It is complete entertainment like a fairytale on 3D.

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