Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Crash is an incredibly beautiful movie on racism told in simple characters and simple incidents that connect them together sometimes as the culprit, other times as the victim.

What begins as stereotyping looks like ruthless racism turns out to be just another human quality. It works to show how racism works for and against people and how some take advantage of it and the other just fall victims.

I thought I must write down one or two scenes from the movie as the most touching ones, but I really can't stick to one or two. Every single scene is shot with a purpose, with intent and with beauty. But I will jot down one which might touch your heart and turn you to watch the movie.

A Hispanic man gives his 5 year old daughter an 'invisible impenetrable cloak' to comfort her after the sound of a bullet shot scares. Much later in the film when a racially victimized Persian shoots at this Hispanic man just to find someone to blame, the little girl races to protect her father as he gave away his cloak to her. The Persian fires and yet, the little girl miraculously lives. I scene is shot so beautifully, I am almost grateful that I got to watch this movie!

(How she lives you would know a couple of scenes later if you watch carefully)

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  1. Who is that little girl? I want to know her name, but it's so hard to find it! I've been looking for her name for about an hour now ( - __ - )